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"The contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision is excellent.  The curriculum is broad and balanced, and goes beyond National Curriculum requirements.  Throughout the school, curricular provision inspires excellent learning and provides opportunities to develop thinking skills and to enrich personal development, giving pupils the chance to value their education in wider terms than examination outcomes alone."  ISI      

The school offers a broad and stimulating curriculum. In both Senior and Junior Departments the programme of study follows the National Curriculum; however, specialisation is deferred as long as possible and emphasis is placed on all-round personal development within a framework of disciplined learning.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum in Years 7 - 9 takes account of the National Curriculum and extends beyond it. 

All pupils study Latin from Year 7 plus two modern languages from French, German, Spanish and Mandarin. (The second modern language is introduced in Year 8). If, due to a specific learning difficulty, it is considered inappropriate for a girl to study two modern languages then alternative arrangement may be made e.g. for additional learning support.

The GCSE Science course is started in Year 9.

Most lessons are taught in mixed ability form groups, however, Maths is set from the Spring Term of Year 7.

The fortnightly timetable follows a 6 x 50min period day – 60 periods per fortnight. 

Key Stage 4

The curriculum at Blackheath High allows for breadth and depth of study in a wide range of subjects. The academic foundations established at GCSE will lead to greater opportunities for further study in a chosen field at A level and beyond.

The GCSE curriculum on offer will provide students with an extensive knowledge and skill base together with an element of choice for girls to pursue the subjects which they enjoy and which give them a great sense of achievement.

All students study the following core subjects in Years 10 and 11:

English Literature
Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
A Modern Foreign Language: French, German, Spanish or Mandarin

A further 3 subjects are chosen from the following:

Religious Studies
Art and Design
Design and Technology
Physical Education
An additional Modern Foreign Language

In order to maintain breadth, we ask students to study at least one Humanities subject, so one of either Geography, History, Religious Studies and Latin. In addition to these courses, students will have timetabled lessons in Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education.

Later in the year, students will also have the opportunity to choose courses from the Wollstonecraft Enrichment programme. In Year 10 this year, examples of the courses on offer, under the theme of Liberal Arts were ‘Science and Literature’, ‘Myths old and new’, ‘World Cinema’, ‘Is Britain a democracy?’ and ‘A brief History of Civilisation (prehistory to 1700)’.

Sixth Form

An increasing proportion of our Year 11 students continue into the Sixth Form at BHS and we are pleased to welcome new girls into our Sixth Form from other schools. The majority of students take 4 AS subjects although a few take 5 or 3 AS subjects.  In Year 13, the vast majority of students continue with 3 subjects to A2.  In addition, students take part in an enrichment programme of AS Critical Thinking or Cookery plus PSHE & Physical Education.

There are currently 23 subjects offered at AS and A2 level:

Art & Design, Classics, Latin, Media Studies, Theatre Studies, Economics/Business Studies, English Literature, Geography, History, Information & Communication Technology, Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Modern Languages: French, German, Spanish, Mandarin,  Music, Music Technology, Psychology, Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sports Science, Religious Studies & Textiles.




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