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At Blackheath High Junior School,  Religious Education provides opportunities for our pupils to learn about the range of religions represented in Great Britain. There is an emphasis within our curriculum on learning from these religions by considering questions of meaning and purpose in life and developing a sense of identity and belonging in today’s multi-cultural society. The girls are encouraged to develop enquiry, empathy, reflection and response skills, thus enabling them to relate religion to their own experiences in an open-ended way.

Small class sizes mean that our pupils are treated as individuals, enabling them to learn, interpret and analyse at their own optimum pace. At Blackheath High Junior School, we are acutely aware of the need for sensitivity in creating a challenging yet supportive learning environment for all. We manage our Religious Education lessons so that questions are tailored to the individual’s abilities and attainments.

As well as class-based learning, the girls participate in daily assemblies. Assemblies include hymns, prayers, reflections and thoughts for the week, as well as celebrations of children’s work and achievements.