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Our aim is to equip students with the skills to be efficient, proficient and independent learners.

The excellent facilities offered at the Junior School  include two fully-equipped Computer suites, one laptop trolleys, plus each class has access to the use of iPads. In Year 4, the girls have individual iPads and this is also being rolled out to Year 5. 
Each suite is networked with the Senior School which provides extensive opportunities for the girls to access a wide range of software.  From the Nursery through to Year 6, each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. Each year group has access to Espresso which provides an extensive library of high quality, video rich broadband teaching resources and activities that motivate the girls and support teachers’ planning and pupil progress.  From Year 1 upwards each girl has her own unique log-in address and the girls manage their own work area, saving and organising their work on a day-to-day basis. The Nursery also has access to Espresso as well as a range of software, especially for the Foundation Stage, through an interactive Smart Board.  The computer suites are timetabled so that every girl has access each week to specific ICT teaching and there are further opportunities for subject teachers to book the computer suites for curriculum specific lessons. 

The Junior School Computing curriculum follows the Rising Stars Computing curriculum, which has been adapted for the needs of our school, and girls self-assess each term, building up a skills portfolio which tracks their progress through the school.  The programmes of study for each year group are devoted to the development of pupils' technical skills. Computing is taught by class teachers from Nursery to Year 6. Each year group is timetabled for a supervised session each week. There are three laptop trolleys available for individual class teachers to use with the whole class or as group work.

Computing is viewed as cross-curricular. The opportunities it affords are widely utilised by subject teachers. Extra curricular Radio station training and Pod Casting clubs offer a channel for girls to boost their proficiency.

iPads are now widely used both by teachers and all pupils from Nursery to Year 6. During the course of a school day, you are likely to find three year olds' conversations being recorded in Forest School, a Reception class producing an animation film and older girls working collaboratively on a maths investigation - all using iPads. This new technology supports the children's learning in an exciting, immediate way.  

The school library also hosts a smaller computer suite where the girls can access the Internet. This enables the girls to support their class work, referencing information during their lunchtime library sessions.  Each year group is timetabled for a supervised session each week.