• EYFS Curriculum


Curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage)

The Foundation Stage delivers a well rounded curriculum following the Early Years Foundation Stage principles. The girls enjoy a safe and stimulating environment where challenging and appropriate play-based activities reflect their individual needs. We value the knowledge and expertise that parents bring to our school. We encourage communication and involvement in your child's learning.

"The EYFS curriculum provides rich and varied experiences.  The children relish choosing activities from the wide range on offer in the well-equipped and spacious setting.  Weekly physical education and circus skills sessions greatly enhance the children’s physical development."  ISI

Our planning, recording and assessment focuses on the seven areas of Learning and Development within the Early Years Foundation Stage, all of which share equal importance.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

All girls are encouraged to develop their independence and self-reliance.
However support and assistance is always at hand. The girls need to learn how to work, play and co-operate with others so group activities are encouraged. Sharing and turn taking are an important aspect of the Foundation Stage. Discussions of their feelings, emotions and personal values are respected and focused upon. We help them to understand themselves and others. Good manners are always encouraged.

Language, Literacy and Communication

In the classrooms, playgrounds and at lunch, there is plenty of opportunity to exchange news and views as the girls develop their use of language. At times we tape record stories, rhymes and our news. We listen to each other and a story daily, and take home books to share with the family at home. The girls enjoy visiting our inspiring school library. This area of the curriculum is focused on developing enthusiastic, confident and happy readers and writers. The girls acquire a secure phonic knowledge following the Letters and Sounds Phonic scheme. They take the first steps towards the skills necessary for cursive writing through patterning activities.
The girls have an opportunity to take part in the Christmas play and class Assemblies. As their interest and confidence with language develops we introduce French into the curriculum.