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It's been a sunny, fun and busy morning so far! The girls are having a well earned lunch break before we head out f…


Ditches, fossils and Eco club - find out more in our 60s interview with Laboratory Technician, Mrs Birkett:…


A record-breaking year for Blackheath High School:


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39% A and A* for our Year 13s and a great range of courses this year, from Theoretical Physics to Middle Eastern St…


Another great result - 88% A/A* in Extended Project Qualification AS-level


Brilliant result from our hard working English Literature students - well done!


75% of our university applicants have secured places universities - well done girls!


A good year for our scholars including Lexey (pictured right), off to read French & Russian


Well done to all our girls, we're very proud of you!


Our linguists proudly bucking the national trend for decline in modern language study


Congratulations Nadia with an A* and two As - amazing achievement!


Big well done to Ella with an A* & two As, off to read Middle Eastern Studies !


Congratulations Maya with a jaw dropping four A*s!


They're here and we have our fingers crossed for you all!


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Look what happens when Florence dog bumps into old friends in


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Dropped into camp. Very happy girls having a break after full on morning…


"Traditionally, Science is not seen as a girl’s subject but we're proud to be bucking that trend". Read more:…


Mini beasts, sticks & mud pies? Our Nursery Nurse & Forest School Leader on the joys of learning:…


"Your mind is a palace". Our Head, Mrs Chandler-Thompson speaks about the mind, our one true constant:…


"Always follow your heart and chase your dreams". Lyra, Year 6, recounts her mum's words of wisdom:…


She was born over 250 years ago but there’s still something about Mary Wollstonecraft & her legacy lives on with us…


It's not all psychoanalysis and mind reading. We put the Spotlight firmly on the subject of Psychology:…


What does our Deputy Head of Junior School really think about teaching? Mrs Gilfedder-Bonnar tells all in 60s:…


Algorithms, boomerangs and custard for Maths? Hannah, Year 9 tells us more:


It was Midsummer Madness in the build up to this year’s Equinox. Ashvini, Year 8, tells us more!…


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Girls due home first thing tomorrow after a wonderful experience in Tanzania Thanks fo…


Get to know our teachers in our series of 60s interviews. First up, our Year 2 Teacher & Junior School Librarian:…


A touching moment as our girls visiting Tanzania prepare to say goodbye by hanging words of wisdom & memories with…


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How wonderful - she has inspired A level students of ours over the years with her amazing work - we look forward to…


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. we are so proud of you all. Keep on making a difference for women in the world.


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Latest pics from - star-gazing, stove building and birthday celebrations…


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Music is never boring


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Overseas Project-connect your girls with the of a lifetime!See more here: 🌍👭


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Safari day today for memories


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BBC Radio 4 - Bringing Up Britain, Series 10, How to Help Children to Feel Happy


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Great pics of our - brilliant project


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Good work Maddie ! Stove building in Babati - but if a change from cupcakes


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In the last few days of term raised £320 for Well done Mira and all who contributed


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Team Tanzania have been laying a concrete floor, making raised beds and sharing experiences today


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“Gender equity starts with education.” -



Our students are bright, confident and enthusiastic learners. However, there is no typical Blackheath High girl. We pride ourselves on the diversity and inclusivity of our school community. Our girls have high expectations of themselves and are prepared to step outside their comfort zones to test themselves out and enjoy the new challenges and experiences we offer.

Applications are welcomed from girls and families who will embrace an environment where girls aim high, individuality is prized and girls are determined to make a difference in all they do.  Academic excellence is underpinned by an extensive array of co-curricular opportunities. In addition, our girls look out for one another and have a strongly developed social conscience.  We aim to have a kind and transparent admissions process that ensures the school is the right fit for your daughter.

Click here to visit our ‘Visit us’ page with details of forthcoming Open and Taster event

Click here to access our on-line Application Form and downloadable document

Click here to view our ‘Important dates for 11+ Admissions' document

Click here to view our 'Important dates for 13+ Admissions' document

Click here if to view our 'Important dates for 16+ Admissions' document

Click here if you need to pay your entry deposit

Senior School applications for Year 7 entry 

This should be submitted by the end of November when your daughter is in Year 6.
Please let us know, in as much detail as possible, about your daughter’s interests so that we gain a full picture of her as an individual. 

Please click here to complete our online application form.

Bursary applications 

If you are interested in applying for a means-tested bursary, please indicate this on your application form. We will then forward you a password so that you can complete the GDST online bursary application form. Your application can then be assessed to ascertain whether or not your family will qualify for a bursary and if so, whether this could be for a full or a partial bursary. 

In order to be awarded such a bursary, your daughter needs to be one of best performing candidates in our January 11+ entrance examinations. She also needs to have impressed us with her potential at interview.

Click here to view the GDST bursary leaflet


We also offer a range of Art, Music and Sport scholarships to gifted girls which should be applied for by the end of November.  Girls will be short-listed for assessment in January once we have assessed that they are academically able enough to thrive at Blackheath High.

Girls who perform outstandingly well in our 11+ entrance examinations will be invited to attend an additional scholarship interview with our Head.  Academic scholarships and bursaries will then be awarded, based upon each girl’s potential.

11+ Reference Requests

We will also contact your daughter’s school for a reference to gain further background information about her progress and interests.

11+ Interview

Every 11+ applicant is invited to an individual interview in November or December prior to sitting our 11+ entrance exam. This is a friendly, informal session to help us to get to know your daughter better.  At the same time, our Head meets a small group of applicants’ parents to answer any queries that they may have about the school and its ethos.

11+ Entrance Examinations

All 11+ candidates sit an hour long 11+ English and Mathematics examination in January.  The English paper consists of a comprehension test and a piece of creative writing.  A sample 11+ Mathematics Test and English Paper can be downloaded from our website.  Girls also sit a non-verbal reasoning paper which lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Click here for a sample 11+ Mathematics Examination

Click here for a sample 11+ English Examination

11+ Offers

We dispatch our offer letters each year in February shortly before the half term break and parents have until the beginning of March to accept a place for their daughter’s in Year 7.

Prospective Pupils’ Afternoon

We appreciate what an important decision choosing your daughter’s future education is. We therefore invite all girls we offer places to, to visit us with their parents for an afternoon in February after the half term break. The girls have another opportunity to spend time in our school with our pupils and teachers. Their parents can meet with our Senior Leadership Team who will talk them through how we help settle our new pupils happily into Blackheath High.

Our Head of Year 7 visits all our new girls in their primary school and reassures the girls about starting at Blackheath High and gains further insight into each girl’s learning style. At the beginning of July we invite our new Year 7 girls and their parents to an evening meeting to discuss the move into our senior school.  The girls meet their form tutors and parents learn about school uniform requirements, the foreign language choices that we offer our students and all the clubs and societies that we run.

13+ Admissions

There are now a small number of scholarships and places available for 13+ admissions, and these follow the same time-scale as the 11+ examinations.

Occasional Vacancies

Occasional vacancies sometimes arise as a result of families relocating.  If you are interested in your daughter joining in Years 8 to 10, do contact our Senior Admissions Team as soon as possible. We also appreciate that families often wish to apply for a place at Blackheath High midway through the academic year and our admissions team will be able to guide you further on this.  All candidates must pass our entrance examinations in English and Mathematics and attend an interview with our Head. We will then approach their current school for a reference.

Sixth Form Applications

We welcome gifted girls from local secondary schools into our Sixth Form at Blackheath High.  We also offer a range of scholarships, prizes and means-tested bursaries to students who would really benefit from studying here.  We are also pleased to award four means-tested HSBC Scholarships which can be worth as much as a 100% of fees. These are awarded each year to girls joining us from the maintained sector and have been made possible thanks to the generous support of the HSBC Global Education Programme. All girls who have applied for a bursary will automatically be considered for a HSBC Scholarship and no separate application is needed.

If your daughter wishes to apply for a scholarship or a means-tested bursary in our Sixth Form, she usually needs to apply for a place by early November when she is in Year 11. Our scholarship assessment exams takes place in the middle of November. All 16+ scholarship/bursary candidates sit an hour long English examination and nominate two further subjects to be assessed in that they wish to study at AS-level.  If candidates nominate Art as one of their assessments, they will need to submit an art portfolio.

The best performing candidates in our Sixth Form scholarship/bursary tests will be invited for a scholarship interview with the Head, who will award Sixth Form scholarships and bursaries to the most deserving girls in Year 11.

We aim to make most of our Sixth Form offers in December.

Sixth Form Information Evening

Our Sixth Form Information Evening, in the autumn term, offers a further chance for prospective Sixth Form students to consider which subjects to study at AS-level. We warmly welcome their parents to attend and discover the opportunities that we can offer their daughters here at Blackheath High.

Sixth Form Acceptances

Once your daughter has accepted a place in our Sixth Form, we will invite her to visit the Sixth Form to meet new classmates and gain further information about the subjects that they will be studying.