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Inspection Reports

ISI Inspection - March 2014

Blackheath High School was last inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in March 2014. The ISI is monitored by OFSTED. The inspectors were very positive indeed in their report on our school, rating us as 'excellent' across each of the inspection categories. They commented:

"Pupils' achievement in their work and activities is excellent throughout the school, and they are very well educated, fully in line with the school's aim to promote academic excellence.

High achievement is strongly supported by the pupils' excellent attitude towards learning, which richly fulfils the school's aim to nurture a love of learning and develop independent and enquiring minds. Excellent curricular and extra curricular provision is well balanced and fully supports the pupils' learning."

Please click here to read the full ISI inspection report from March 2014, or download a copy at the foot of this page.

Ofsted Inspection (Nursery) - June 2008

The nursery was last inspected in June 2008 by Ofsted. For a full copy of the report, click here: Ofsted report June 2008 or below.

Inspectors rated Foundation Stage Education at Blackheath High School ‘outstanding’.

The report, which describes the school as a place where ‘children are clearly absorbed in activities, concentrate well on tasks, make good friendships and show care and consideration for each other’, stated: ‘The quality of teaching and learning in the Foundation Stage is outstanding and children achieve exceptionally well as a result. Staff are motivated and enthused and work well as a team in supporting the children’s learning and achievements.’

This latest inspection took place in June 2008 and inspectors judged all aspects of the Foundation Stage outstanding. The inspectors were full of praise, particularly for the balance of formal work and play, the confident, independent behaviour of the girls and exceptional pastoral care.

Other aspects highlighted included excellent knowledge and understanding of the wider world, outstanding partnerships with parents and excellent use of technology, stating: ‘The children show a growing proficiency and confidence in using technology to support their play and learning with computers.’

For the full report, please here click here: Ofsted report June 2008


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Blackheath High ISI Inspection Report 2014 223 KB Download
Nursery Ofsted Inspection June 2008 Download