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Transition into Senior School for Year 7

"We realise how important it is for our pupils to feel confident and secure when starting the new phase of their school career at Year 7. We endeavour to ensure that all new pupils are given time to meet and build friendships with each other, particularly during the first term of Year 7." 
Mrs Tyrrell, Head of Year 7

Within the first six weeks of their new school life, our Year 7s are very happy, busy and stimulated with a range of innovative experiences and events that are specially designed to promote self-awareness, confidence, and resilience. These are all aspects that help to develop the ‘whole’ child. These focused and planned events are a fusing together of both academic and personal experiences, that are designed to be inclusive for all girls in Year 7 and help to foster a sense of team work and comradeship amongst the pupils.
We begin this exciting time with our fantastic Summer School Programme in the last week of August (proposed dates for this year's summer school are Tuesday 23rd August to Friday 26th August 2016).  Activities over the four days will include cake making in our fantastic cooking suite, an art and textiles project, sports activities, a picnic in Greenwich Park and a cinema experience in our fabulous theatre. Whilst the girls will get the opportunity to learn lots of new exciting skills, the main emphasis will be on teamwork and relationship building through practical activities to ensure that your daughter feels happy and relaxed when starting at the school in September. This will also be a great opportunity for the girls from our junior school to make new friends with girls from other schools.
The Year 7 Pastoral team of 3 Form Tutors led by a Head of Section, also plan and create a special “Induction” day to enable the girls to familiarise themselves with the  school buildings and, most importantly, to get to know their Form Tutor and fellow classmates.  This is an exciting day which includes a range of fun team-building games and activities, with many opportunities to make themselves feel comfortable and familiar with their new surroundings and with the expectations of secondary school life.
Once our new Year 7 pupils have become accustomed to the rudiments of the school day, and have met all of their new teachers etc,  they then embark on a ‘school trip’  as a whole year group. This day is usually fully devoted to the investigation of Art and recently pupils have visited both the Saatchi Gallery and National Portrait Gallery as part of their induction into working as a year group but also to learn in-depth research into a particular curriculum area.  
Then, as the pupils approach half term, all of Year 7 take part in a residential weekend trip to the Dorset Coast and the much celebrated Osmington Bay Residential! Girls conquer their fears and try out a range of multi-sports activities run by fully qualified instructors that help them to overcome any self-consciousness and promote a sense of team work, and the determination to achieve.  The girls also enjoy the social evening activities and build friendships that are also consolidated through these shared team experiences.
In October, the girls plan their own “Tea Party celebration” event for their parents and their Year 6 Teachers. Our Year 7 pupils perform to their guests and give talks that celebrate their achievements within their first half term at Blackheath High.
Mrs Tyrrell, Head of Year 7 also plans to take Year 7 to the theatre at Christmas, to the Cinema evening in late March and on a trip to Broadstairs in July 2013.

"Blackheath High is so great at helping you settle in when you join year 7. As soon as you start there is so much variety across lessons and clubs, you really look forward to going to school. The whole experience is enjoyable and you will
make so many good friends." 
Maddie Halil


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