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BBC News School Reporting Day 2016


BBC News School Reporting Day 2016

Our girls are looking forward to taking part again in this year's BBC School Reporting Day, on Thursday 10th March.

They have been researching news stories and sourcing interesting people to interview all day.......

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BBC News School Reporting Day 10th March 2016

Shakespeare’s  400th  birthday

On the 23rd of April it, will officially be 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death. He is so important today as he has introduced 3000 words into the English language and written 37 plays. Here is a little bit of information about him: 


Who is Shakespeare?

Shakespeare was born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, and he died on the 23rd April 1616.He was only 52 when he died. That may seem young, but in the Tudor times, it was very old.

Shakespeare’s parents were named John and Mary; they had eight children though many of them died young. Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway and had three children Susanna, Judith and Hamnet.

An interview with Dickon Tyrell, a Globe theatre actor

How does Shakespeare affect acting and plays today?

Shakespeare does put demands on an actor performing today , an actor needs tremendous vocal and physical energy to perform heightened language to 1500 people in an open air theatre. 

Were Shakespeare’s plays different 400 years ago?

Think of a modern theatre: dark, warm, scenery, ice cream and quiet audience. You would have had none of this in 1600.

Thank you very much, Dickon.

The Globe Theatre

The Globe was built in 1599 but got sadly burnt in 1613. It then got rebuilt on the same site in 1614 and closed in 1642.

It is famous for the amount of Shakespeare plays performed on its stage. There is now a new building attached to the theatre called the Sam Wanamaker theatre so that it can show even more plays.

The Globe is an open-air amphitheatre which means it is round and it has no roof! This means they can have natural sunlight.

Everyone used to visit The Globe in the Tudor times and they still do today.

By Freya, Mia, Gunjita, Holly and Ella

US Presidential Election

The US presidential election takes place on Tuesday 8th November 2016, because Barack Obama will have finished his two terms of presidency. People all over the USA will vote for the candidate they want to win. The US Presidential Election is mainly a competition between Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Before the presidential election in November, the parties will need to select their candidates. The main candidates for the Democratic Party are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, whereas for the Republican Party the leading candidates are Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

The Republicans generally believe in the free market (which has minimal rules), small governments that don't interfere in people’s lives, increased spending on military issues, the death penalty, banning gay marriage, no public healthcare just private healthcare and that everyone should have the same tax rate no matter how low their income is.

The Democrats generally believe that gay marriage should be legal, there should be a decrease in military spending, the death penalty should be legal, there should be a minimum wage, you should get a different tax rate depending how much you earn, and there should be public healthcare for everyone.

When we asked Luke Espin, Head of R&D, at Westminster Briefing, “Who do you want to win and why? “He said ‘I hope the Democratic Party candidate wins the election. American politics is very different to British politics where religion and social issues are far more important. I disagree with the Republicans Party’s policies on gun control, abortion, access t


o free healthcare and tax cuts (to name a few). The Democrat Party’s views are generally more similar to my own.’

However, ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson is supporting Donald Trump in this year’s election. He says "He's not afraid to tell it like it is. He's a friend of the Second Amendment . . . the man I'm standing behind to be the next President of the United States -- Donald Trump."

The outcome of this presidential race to the White House is yet to be revealed.

Reported by Christiana, Arthy, Emma and Sasha.

The candidates (L to R): Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders.


Barbie's birthday

On Wednesday 9th March 2016 Barbie Millicent Roberts celebrated her 57th birthday.  The famous blonde will have a proper birthday party in Washington DC this summer. 

However, Barbie has been raising the voice of the public lately, and it’s not just about her birthday.  The doll that has dominated the toy industry for more than a decade is now falling from grace.   


The main reason is due to the shallow and false message the doll is sending to young, impressionable girls. Its figure is ridiculously thin and impossible for a healthy woman to achieve.

Doctors have diagnosed a condition called ‘Barbie Syndrome.’  This condition is found in adolescent girls.  Its results are that girls become obsessed with trying to meet impossibly high standards of beauty set by toys.

But a doll company called Lammily have taken it into their own hands to create a doll that has a more realistic figure.

However, an interview with Michaela Lenartova shows Barbie in a different light.

She says that Barbie has a positive effect on her and that it deserves to be celebrated.

As Meghan Trainor quoted in her hit song ‘All About That Bass’, “I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll.”

In short, it is alright to like Barbie dolls and they should be celebrated, just don’t let them have too much of an impact on your life.

Cedar, Dovile and Isshayaba

Stratford: The Olympic Legacy 

With the Rio Olympics around the corner, we will be reporting on the legacy of the previous one: The Olympic Games which were held in London, Stratford.

Before The Olympic Games came to Stratford it was a place overflowing with rubbish.  Such as one of its most iconic eye sores, Fridge Mountain, a 20 foot tall pile of discarded fridges. The Olympics helped to refurbish and rebrand Stratford, making it more of a place to visit.

We interviewed Hayden Arrowsmith who helped out with the London 2012 Games.


Q: How do you think the Olympics has improved London?                    

 A: The addition of new sports facilities, venues and stadiums in and around London has been a huge boost to the sports community. There is now also the Olympic Stadium, velodrome and aquatics centre in the east of London which can host, and have hosted many large-scale sports events since London 2012.

Q: And what about the legacy for young people wanting to thrive in sports?      

A: It is hoped that by London hosting the Olympics a new generation of children and young people will have been inspired to either continue sport, or try something new and get involved.        

In the same way, The Olympics changed Stratford it will most definitely change Rio. More people even if they never thought of going to Rio will want to visit there to see the Olympic Stadium.                                  

By: Ezinne, Niamh, Carla and Miah.

International Women’s Day

On Tuesday 8th March it was International Women’s Day.

The Cause

International Women’s Day is a celebration of women worldwide. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements. We also celebrate it to raise awareness about women’s equality to men. This day gives women a voice.


This year’s theme

The theme for this year is planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it Up for Gender Equality. This means that the full gender gap can close by 2030 at the earliest.

The Meaning of Feminist

Anyone can be a feminist: Men or Women. Being a feminist means that you believe that women’s rights are important. It means you support gender equality.  As Hanna Retallack said, being a feminist is beneficial for everyone. Some women would like to do jobs that men do but they can’t as some people perceive them to be weak. Some people perceive men to be strong people all the time and this can be stressful for men.

What did Blackheath High do to celebrate?

To celebrate International Women’s Day Blackheath High School have interviewed many students and Hanna Retallack who is studying for a Ph.D. in feminism in schools.

Many students believed that the cause of International Women’s Day is vital. A quote from Elizabeth (A sixth form student who attends feminist society.): “Every day should be International Women’s Day.”

“Some girls cannot go to school because of the child labor and child trafficking”

Malala Yousafzai

EU Referendum

Daisy, Anouk, Haamidah and Evie


The EU referendum is taking place on the 23rd of June.  Everyone in Britain that is 18 and older will get the chance to vote on whether or not Britain should leave the European Union.

The reason this is happening is because in 1973 Britain joined the European Union and then in 1975 Britain held a Referendum on whether or not Britain should stay a member. Staying won the vote as it was voted 2:1 to stay. Ever since then people have wanted to leave for a number or different reasons.

Of course, many questions arise from this decision, as Luke Espin, Head of  Research and Development at Westminster Briefing said ‘Whether or not there will be fewer opportunities and travel options is hard to say. The remaining campaigners are saying that the EU are our biggest trading partners. We would still have to follow their rules, but if we leave, we wouldn't get a say in the rules. Everyone we interviewed wanted to stay part of the EU.’

It is unlikely that conflict will arise, since all the countries in Europe rely on each other’s supplies.

We are dependent on the other EU countries for trade and security. Most European countries are  in the NATO which means if a country starts a war with them all the other countries in the  NATO (including America) will be on their side.

One major change in the longer term is that it might mean that it is harder for people from other EU countries to come and live and work in the UK and harder for British people to live and work in other EU countries.

Some people working in the UK are part of EU companies, for example, the European medicine agency. If Britain leaves, they will have to move countries because of their work.

It will be held on the 23rd June 2016.



We speak to Dr Hannah Espin (Junior Doctor) about what the government should do to stop Junior Doctors from striking.

Junior doctors go on another 48-hour strike.

Over 5,000 operations or treatments have been cancelled.

Doctor Strike

Dr Hannah Espin speaks about what the government needs to do to stop the strikes.

On Wednesday, Junior doctors had started a 48-hour strike. Over 5,000 operations or treatments have already been cancelled . 

For those of you that are not sure of what Junior Doctors are: They are doctors that are still training to become ‘Professional’ doctors and are new to being a doctor.

The whole cause of the striking is because the amount of money the Junior doctors get paid  and  they say they are given too long shifts to work  which is unfair and dangerous for the patients.

Dr Hannah Espin has told us: “The government need to return to the negotiating table regarding the contract and scrap the forced imposition.  The first strike planned was actually called off by the BMA as the government agreed to enter talks with ACAS. 

The step to then proceed to imposition was rash and was not supported by senior clinicians within the NHS as the government claims, this only served to inflame tensions further.  

  I also feel the problem now runs deeper than just the contracts.  Junior doctors and NHS staff are feeling demoralized from years of giving constantly to the system with getting little in return.”

Article Written by Millie, Mabel and Selena


The 2016 Oscars have been said to have been racist and that only white people were nominated.

For example Chris Rock  also agrees with this statement as he opened this Oscars with a joke that read “I’m standing here at the  Academy Award, otherwise known as the white people choice awards, you realize if they nominated hosts I wouldn't have got this job.” 

Oscars 2

Halle Berry is the first  black actress to have won an award for best actress.

Because of this, people on social  media are  now using the 

Hashtag OscarsSoWhite and this implies that a majority of the Oscar award winning  actors are white.

For the last two years, only white people have been nominated for the top four categories

Only two Asian people have won an  Oscar out of a total of fifteen nominations

By Rosie, Isabella, Giorgia and Grace


Tim Peake has settled into space for his Mission Principia Mathematica. He set off on Tuesday 15th December 2015 for the journey to space. He is scheduled to return on the 5th of June 2015.

Tim Peake was born on the 7th of April 1975. His wife Rebecca Peake was touched when she found out that Tim took a picture of his two sons up to space.

Tim Peake

Tim was elected by the European Space Agency in 2009.  His hobbies includes going to space, helicopters – sky, cross-country – land, scuba-diving – sea, tunnels which is underground. So therefore he is an all-rounder in the world.

Tim Peake is a former British Army Air Officer. But now he is a European Space Agency astronaut and international space station crew member.

He had to learn to speak Russian as part of his mission which he said made him want to walk out of the door. Every single detail of his six hour spacewalk has been planned which implies a lot of effort had been put into the mission.

The International Space Station (ISS) is worth £150 000 000 000. Some people has decided it is a waste of money, and worry if they don’t find anything there but then we will find out on the 5th of June – which is of course his return.

That’s all from now from Blackheath High School Report 2016.

By Ellie, Amaya, Cleo, Katia and Tamsin


‘Bugsy Malone’ is being performed at the Greenwich Theatre in London, by students of Blackheath High on Monday 14th March 2016. Tickets cost £10 plus £1 booking fee. We got a close look into what makes the actual play by interviewing the director, musical director and an actor who is playing a role in the play.

Bugsy Malone rehearsals 2

The play is about two rival gangs who own what they call ‘splurge guns’, but you will have to watch the play to find out more!
Whilst interviewing the director, Mrs Tyrrell, she said that a hard thing about it being performed at the Greenwich theatre is that they have to practise in the schools theatre but then having to move and practise in the Greenwich theatre at the times they have available.

The brand new ‘splurge guns’ were specially opened today and we were lucky enough to see them in action for the first time! It was also the first time the school had the gadgets opened!

The play is also a musical and we got an insight into one of the songs as one of the actors especially performed one of the songs for us. Mrs Gunton, the Director of Music said that she really enjoyed the jazzy type songs and the way some songs reflect on the different character’s personalities.

We also interviewed, Monique, an actor from the play, who told us her character is mean, harsh and a follower. This gave us an idea of what the characters are like in the play.

We hope you can go and watch!

By JELS (Jasmine, Ella Mary, Lilly and Summer)


September 13th marks the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl, one of the world’s most famous authors.

Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday is being celebrated all over the globe, especially at the Southbank Centre, London.

Roald Dahl

The Southbank Centre are holding an exhibition about Dahl called ‘The Wondercrump World of Roald Dahl’, exploring the creation of the books, from the original manuscripts to the first published copies.

Our reporter Shelley got tickets into the exhibition, but was asked not give any information about what was inside, however described it as ‘interesting, and truly wondercrump’.

We did, however get to interview Tamsin and Kate, the curators of the exhibition:

‘We set up Wondercrump because three years ago we were noticed by The Roald Dahl Association for our great exhibitions and were given the honour of creating one about Roald Dahl for his 100th birthday.’

Even though he is 100, his books are still greatly loved by young and old today.

By Sharmalyne, Shanice, Shelley and Riya


The BBC interview Bioarchaeologist on the recent findings across the country.

Ali Freyne, Bioarchaeologist at the Natural History Museum, talked to us about the excavations across the UK and further. Freyne described the findings as “particularly unusual” compared to findings in the past fifty years. Freyne has been very interested in the gallery at the Natural History Museum, ‘Human Evolution’. ‘‘It’s been one of the biggest moments of my career as a bio archaeologist, the study of skulls and skeletons throughout specific ages.’’

Ali Freyne

Another recent topic of Miss Freyne’s was the ‘Human Hobbit’ also known as homo forensiensis, a specific study on a group of Neanderthals who only grew to around one meter in height. These will soon be added to Project Human Evolution.

When we asked about any recent projects coming up, she said her and her co-worker Chris Stringer have been recently excavating in Morocco.’ This particular project involved a ‘cemetery’, also known as a previously human inhabited cave, around 1,500 years ago. The excavation involves several levels of human skeletons, waiting to be uncovered.

Freyne also mentioned having previously worked at the British Museum as a volunteer, which really helped with ‘‘hands on experience’’.

By Fleur


In 2014, a skeleton was uncovered under a primary school on the west coast of England. After weeks of examination, scientists have been led to believe that this could be the skeleton of a pirate.

When talking to the general public, many thought this event was quite exciting and could change our outlook on the way our history worked.

(Anonymous) “It’s quite amazing really, why would a pirate be buried so far from shore?”

After several geological scans, scientists have been led to believe that our land has expanded since the pirating era.

By Fleur