Fees information September 2016

Senior School (11-18) £5,094 per term
Junior Department  £4,191 per term
Nursery        £3,262 per term

These fees cover the regular curriculum, school books, stationery and other materials, choral music, and games, but not optional extra subjects, school visits or lunch.

Lieu of notice will be payable in accordance with the arrangements set out in the agreement between the parents and the Trust.

Payment of Fees

Fees must be paid by the Bank Direct Debit system and the necessary form can be provided either by the school or by the Trust Head Office.  The fees may be paid either termly in advance or by the monthly instalments (4 per term). 

Registration Fee and Entrance Examination

A fee of £75 is charged, which is not refundable.


A deposit of £1,000 is currently charged on the acceptance of a place and is returned at the end of your daughter’s education.  It is forfeit if a pupil is withdrawn after the place had been accepted.

Current Fees for Optional Extra Subjects – September 2016
(charges by visiting teachers)

Pianoforte, violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, saxophone, horn, oboe, flute, bassoon, guitar, trumpet, trombone, tuba, drums and singing.

Lessons for individuals

£180 per term (based on 10 lessons of 30 minutes)

Group lessons can be arranged on a pro rata basis

Accounts for extra subjects will be sent directly by the teachers concerned and should be settled with those teachers before the start of term.


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