Healthy School Meals

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From September 2016 our catering service will be led by Accent catering.  Accent use fresh ingredients, prepared on site, providing nutritionally balanced menus.  

Please see our Autumn 106 menus below.  

Accent Catering website can be found by clicking here

From Accent's webiste:


"At Accent we truly are passionate about food! All of our dishes are prepared from scratch using high quality fresh ingredients, and we never use packet mixes or jars of sauces in our menus. So all of our clients can be sure that every ingredient is GM-free and no Hydrogenated Vegetable fats are used. 

Using seasonal ingredients is fundamental to the Accent approach, and we nurture our teams so they appreciate the benefits of buying UK seasonal, fresh produce. Because of this, we are serving food that tastes its best and is in abundance, ensuring we are purchasing produce at the best possible market rates on behalf of our clients.

This fresh food approach also means our chefs have complete freedom to purchase the freshest meat, fish and bread products every day – with no supplier restrictions. Our chefs have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting local seasonal produce, which in turn helps the communities we work in and reduces the amount of miles our food travels."


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