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"Careers guidance is excellent, and pupils are very positive about the assistance offered.  The school has attained a Career mark award and promotes effective work-related learning through initiatives such as ‘Take Your Daughter to Work Day’ and through opportunities to shadow alumnae at higher education institutions."  ISI

“I have just finished my first undergraduate year at King’s College London studying Dentistry and I have to say I love what I’m doing at the moment and thank my teachers for all their encouraging words and advice with mock interviews, work experience and careers guidance which all helped to cement my determination to follow this path. Although it is very different from a school environment, Blackheath High prepared me fully for the step up, making the transition feel seamless. 

Ultimately, Blackheath High challenged me, but always in an environment in which I felt wholly supported and encouraged. Over the years I have learnt to consider my education as something much more than just academic achievement. This is a lesson that is taught here from day one whether it’s joining the sports team, a lunchtime club or meeting new friends. I cannot express how well this set me up for the exciting prospect of University and the wider world beyond.” 

Libby Richardson, studying Dentistry at King’s College London

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