• Senior PSHE 2013

Personal, Social & Health Education

The Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum is designed to assist in the full development of each individual student at Blackheath High School.  It covers three areas: health education, social and personal development and citizenship. 

Overall we aim to:

Encourage the development of thoughtful, well-rounded and sociable citizens, who will take their place in the world aware of the role they can play

Develop in our students the power to question and argue rationally and the  qualities needed for decision making and leadership, thereby fostering their ability to resolve conflict within their own environment, among friends and within the classroom

Engender in students a sense of responsibility towards themselves, their peers and their surroundings

Help students develop respect for the needs of others, particularly those of different religions and cultures

Provide necessary health education in a manner appropriate to the age and stage of development of the students

Equip students with the organisational and study skills which will enable them to succeed in their work