The History Department at Blackheath High School is vibrant and forward thinking; we encourage all students to have a sense of identity and an understanding of the origins of their family, culture, society and country.

The study of History contributes to an understanding of the complexity of other cultures and societies and fosters greater knowledge and understanding of other states. You can’t understand where you are going until you know where you have come from.

Extra-curricular Activities

A weekly 'Surgery' is available for examination classes to work on a one to one basis on specific problems, for example, revision technique. etc. We also offer a thriving History Society, which is led by the sixth form where we discuss the philosophical aspects of the subject. The History Department also provides a range of educational visits for each year group:

  • Year 7 - Visit to the site of the Battle of Hastings in Battle, Sussex and visit National Maritime Museum to study Greenwich in Tudor England and Elizabethan travel.
  • Year 8 – The Slavery exhibitions at Docklands and the National Maritime Museum
  • Year 9 - National Army Museum
  • Year 11 - GCSE Revision Conference led by Edexcel examiners
  • Year 12/13 - Study Days on particular elements of the courses led by academics from universities

The History Department has a strong vision of the subject and this vision is communicated to the students. Lessons are structured with clear routines and practises. A variety of methods are utilised, including didactic teaching in whole class exercises, group work, individual project work and question and answer sessions, role plays, video and ICT work.
The schemes of work are closely followed to guarantee high quality learning and to maximise student motivation.