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Welcome to the Senior School

Our motto is - "Blackheath High School - a place to grow, a place to excel" and it is for these two reasons that each and every pupil is here.

"Pupils' achievement in their work and activities is excellent throughout the school and they are well educated, fully in line with the school’s aim to promote academic excellence.  High Achievement is strongly supported by the pupils’ excellent attitude towards learning, which richly fulfils the school’s aim to nurture a love of learning and develop independent and enquiring minds.  Excellent curricular and extra-curricular provision is well balanced and fully supports the pupils’ learning. At all stages, pupils’ personal development is excellent.  Their spiritual development is excellent and this fully reflects the school’s aim to develop the whole person by building self-esteem and confidence."  ISI

Our aim is to ensure that each girl achieves the very best that she can. We encourage the girls to work hard and to play hard so that, in addition to gaining excellent examination results, they also develop well rounded personalities with the skills and understanding they will need to be happy and successful in their adult lives.

Our school; has an inclusive and positive feel - where everyone really does have 'a place to grow and a place to excel' and where excellence is encouraged.  There is always someone or something to support your current talents and help you develop new ones." Yasmeen Cooper, Year 10

The senior school has approximately 350 girls and each year enrols 3 classes at Year 7, of no more than 24 girls in each class. Many girls come from our own Junior School we are always very pleased to welcome girls from other primary schools.

To download admission information for the Senior School please visit the publications page.